Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

I hereby agree to become an Independent Business owner of the Company,represented byGrowlead Entrepreneurs. and to participate in its Compensation Plan AS AN INDEPENDENTBUSINESSOWNER, I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT:
  1. I am a major and legally competent to execute this agreement.
  2. I shall become an Independent Business owner upon acceptance of this application. I shall have the right to promote the products offeredby the Company in accordance withthe marketingprogrammed, Compensation Plan, and Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures.
  3. The Company, at its discretion, may amend the Compensation Plan, its Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures and terms and conditionsofthisBusiness owner Agreement. I shall keep in regular touch with company head office to know the latest amendments, alteration, decision and developments done by Company and visit the company website www.growlead.co.in for the same.
  4. I have carefully reviewed the Compensation Plan or Business Plan, Rules, Regulations, Policiesand procedures, and acknowledge having studiedthe same and unconditionallyagree to thesame being modified from time to time.
  5. I also understand and agree that my status as an Independent Business owner in the Compensation Plan is valid for one year commencing from the date of myapplication to be enrolled as an Independent Business owner and shall be renewable each year as the Company may decide from time to time.
  6. Upon acceptance of this application form by the Company, I will be an Independent Businessowner responsible for my own business and not an employee of the Company. Iwill not be treated as an employee in regard to any labour laws and shall not claim any E.S.I. or Fund,Gratuity, or any other benefits under any act presently in force orsuch act which may come into force from time to time; including the workman’s Compensation Act and Such other allied labour laws.
  7. I will not use the Company’s trade name and/or trademark except in the advertising provided to me by the Company, neither shall I advertise the product and/or theCompensation Plan of theCompany on my own. I am however permitted to promote the same through personal contact, and as specified by the company.
  8. I, as an Independent Business owner, while sponsoring other Independent Business owner, must fulfillthe obligation of performing a bona fide supervisory, distributing, andselling function inthe sale of products to the ultimate customer and in the training of the Independent Businessowner. I, as an Independent Business owner, must maintainclose liaison with Independent Business owner introduced by me.
  9. I agree to ‘The Compensation Plan’ which is a programon retail sales of products to the ultimate consumer, thereby avoidingmiddlemen and passing on the benefits of such direct sales in the form of sales incentives to the Independent Business owner.
  10. I acknowledge that an Independent Business owner is a marketing Business owner who provides services to the retail customers ofthe products offered by the Company and is an Independent Contractor. The position of an Independent Business owner does notconstitute either a sale of a franchise or a distributorship, and absolutelyno fees have been or will be required from the Independent Businessowner for the right to distribute the Company’s products pursuant to thisagreement. The agreement is notintended and shall not be construed to create a relationshipof employer-employee, agency, partnership or joint venture between anyIndependent Businessowner, sponsor, and/or the Company.


    a). Abide by Central, State and Local laws, rules and regulations pertaining to this agreementand/or the acquisition, receipt, holding, selling or distributing of Company products.

    b). At the Independent Business owner’s own expense make, execute or file all such reports and obtainsuch licences as are required by law or public authority with respecttothis agreement and/or such legal action as the Company deems appropriate.

    c). Be solely responsible for declaration and payment of all local, state and central taxes as theyaccrue because of the Independent Business owner’s activities in connectionwith thisagreement.

  12. Prior writtenapproval from the Company is required for the following:
    • a) For thereto be more than one Independent Business owner in an immediate family, household or business.
    • b) To use or produce any literature other than Company produced literature relating to theproducts, company, or Compensation Plan.
  13. I understand that only a Businessowner of the Company who has received training and has a certificate from the Company stating the same; can make a publicpresentation of theCompany’s Compensation Plan.
  14. I agree and undertake to submit my grievance/compliant/claim against the Company, or aBusiness owner of the Company if any, to arbitration in terms of the IndianArbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. However, all proceedings shall be held in Patna only.I agree that a breachof this covenant on my part will make me liablefordamages and legal cost to theCompany.
  15. This agreement will be binding upon receipt at the Company registered office and upon theacceptance thereafter by the Company.
  16. This agreement shall be governed by the laws as prevailing in India in the state of Patna andshall be subject to Patna Jurisdiction only.
  17. I acknowledge that I have read, and understand and agreed to the terms and conditions set forthin this agreement. This agreement is not in force until accepted by theCompany.Any Independent Businessowner contravening any rules, regulations and bye laws of this agreement or deviating from the Company’s CompensationPlan, Rules, Regulations, policies andProcedures, or causing any unlawful loss to the Company shall make thisAgreement liable fortermination with immediate effect and the Company shall have the right to file appropriate civil or/and criminal proceedings against him as the case may be.
  18. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Independent Business owner and the Company and no other additional promises, representations, guarantees or agreements of any kind shall be valid unless in writing and approved by the Company.


    What is Cross Sponsoring?

  20. a. Signing up of an existing distributor from another group.
  21. b. Singing up of wife in different group, when husband is already a distributor or vice-versa.
  22. c. Singing up under another sponsor to operate when his/her distributorship is still valid.
  23. d. Allowing other people or relatives to use his/her distributorship to do the business.
  24. e. If son or unmarried daughter joins the business with their own ID, but their line of sponsorship is not under their family ID; then such case will be treated as cross sponsoring and the ID taken by son or unmarried daughter will be terminated.
  25. In the event of cross sponsoring the following action shall be taken:

  26. 1. If the cross sponsoring complaint is received after 6months from the date of new ID generation by the existing distributor, the same will not be entertained. On receipt of such a complaint, one of the ID of the distributor in question will be terminated, whichever may deem fit, and the network will remain with the active ID.
  27. 2. If the company received the complaint within 6 months of Cross Sponsoring, the company will terminate the second/new ID of the distributor at fault and all the legs of the network developed under the terminated ID will be moved one level up.
  28. However, if the investigation reveals that any of the IDs registered was in a manner which the management finds is non-ethical/without the knowledge of the distributor, then the company will terminate any one of the IDs, which it deem fit and the network developed under the terminated ID will move one level up. The company may take action against the distributor who instrumented the ID generation in an unethical manner.

    The company reserves the right to terminate the offending distributor at its own discretion and withholds bonus payments of the offending distributor till the settlement is executed.

    The decision of the company will be final and binding on the distributors in question.


  29. 1. Irrespective of the level attained, if the distributor is found not to have placed any order/no self-purchase in the preceding 9months, then he/she will be termed as “inactive distributor”
  30. 2. Company reserved the right to take any decision (including termination) of distributorship of an inactive distributor.
  31. 3. Any inactive distributor is free to join under any active distributor.